Friday, January 27, 2017

Site news

Just a quick update: I know little is happening on the surface this week, but I'm in the midst of a lot of work on better monetizing the blog. You'll notice we've added some Amazon ads here and there— I get a small commission when you click on them and buy things, so I encourage you to do that. I'm also going to be releasing more things in e-book format— you saw the Elvin Jones transcriptions e-book, I'm also a few days away from a similar Tony Williams release, followed by Zigaboo Modeliste, and a few other things in rapid succession. Mainly I'm doing this to get some things on the Amazon system, and also to work towards offering some premium paid content for blog readers.

As always, if you like what we do here, and want to help us continue, you can support us by:

  • Making cash donations.
  • Buying my print and e-books, and CDs.
  • Hiring me for private lessons via Skype— or in person, if you live in Portland.
  • Buying things through the Amazon links. Like these ones:  

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