Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ainsworth Junction!

Near Sacajawea Park in eastern Washington, where the boat docks on Mondays.  Posted by Hello

Ainsworth Junction. That's where I took this picture.  Posted by Hello

OK, so I chopped off the top of the signal. What can I say? Richard Avedon I ain't. In a purely abstract sense it works OK, but in a photograph people want to know where's the top of the signal.  Posted by Hello

Tracks. One set. Posted by Hello

Tracks Posted by Hello

Shots of the band doing not much of anything!

Here are a few shots from the opening weeks of the season 2005 on the Queen of the West. Here's Tim, the saxophonist.  Posted by Hello

Bill calls this "dropping the big one" or "going nuclear". Posted by Hello

Bill plays the bass Posted by Hello

Bill stands around Posted by Hello

Tim's horn Posted by Hello

Tim warms up.  Posted by Hello

Bill listens thoughtfully while Tim declaims about the suckiness of something.  Posted by Hello

Tim and Reece at the Columbian Cafe in Astoria. The food sucks, but everyone insists on going there because of these disgusting jalepeno, garlic and pepper jellies they make! Posted by Hello

Tim sits there during the pointless staff meeting. Posted by Hello

Bill jams on the acoustic! Posted by Hello

Bill stands around looking blank. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dog shots at the beach!

Cross-processed shots from the Stylus Epic and XP2 from the new-to-me/beat-to-shit-to-someone-else Yashica T4. Posted by Hello

I'm getting way too many pictures of the dog. Posted by Hello

Ivy looking Wagnerian/Herculean. Posted by Hello

Cross-processed film is strangely irregular in tonality- some are greenish, some are steely gray, others are creamy. I'm using expired Sensia (repackaged as Porst Chrome-X) I got from B&H.  Posted by Hello

Jen with the dog.  Posted by Hello