Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year's Skype lesson offer

Hey, it just occurred to me: I should have more Skype students than I do. I have plenty of followers, plenty of daily visitors, plenty of book-purchasers, and a fair number of  donors at fund drive time— but for some reason not many contact me for lessons.

Perhaps there's an intimidation factor at work? I know my online persona is a little cranky, and we do post a lot of hard core stuff on the blog. But in person I'm actually a very affable, easy-going cat, and as a teacher I'm truly interested in working with players of all levels of ability and commitment. I like people other teachers consider to be problem students. I like figuring out what you need to advance your playing, and how to communicate it to you, especially when you're having big problems with it.

So, hey: If you're following the blog, you like what we do, but you're horrified at the thought of revealing yourself to be a totally hopeless case— I want to teach you because you're a hopeless case. GET IN TOUCH.

My normal rate is $50/hour for Skype lessons, so what I'll offer is:

1. First 1-hour lesson for $25

2. 25% discount on first month of lessons paid in full. Basically, one free lesson in the first month.

And I know half the country is broke. If you're hurting for lessons but don't have the money, get in touch anyway, plead your case, and we'll see if we can work something out that's within your budget.

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