Monday, January 30, 2017


This may already be a “hybrid” rudiment, but I wouldn't know, because that is not my bag. I've posted a few modified paradiddle things in the past (like my “3.5-adiddle”), and this is a new one I've been screwing around with, a seven-note pattern: RLRRLRR-LRLLRLL. Sort of a paradiddle... adiddle.

You can see that's the basic pattern, along with a few exercises for learning to play it repetitively, and learning to play it in duple meters. As indicated on the page, the accents in parentheses are optional— play them, don't play them, or play them lightly. For practical purposes, your initial goal should be to play them at quarter note = 120, and your eventual goal should be around 150+. They can be played faster, but then you're getting into “flurry of shit” mode.

Get the pdf


Jonathan said...

This makes for some cool sounding Spanky drum fills.Especially adding in the bass drum with the right hand.

ggill1970 said...

Todd -- dude this is great. Flows nice at 140, working on accent on "1" & ghosted-notes for other 6. Already mixing this one into diddle warm ups / shedding patterns that i practice. Also nice as a transition from Tony & Vinnie 7s flam patterns. Huzzah !!