Monday, August 15, 2005

More exciting stuff in the works

Cruise Ship Drummer! brand clothing coming soon! My friend Jennifer Adams (owner of the ultra-hip Pied Cow coffee house) are working up some samples to hustle to the local boutiques. Jennifer is a genius when it comes to turning thrift store crap into art. I'm hoping to have some stuff in Seaplane and other Portland stores by October. Soon you can visit our site ( though there won't be much to look at for a couple of weeks because, hey, the river becons.

In other news, my band from the Queen Of The West will be doing a lot more work on land this winter and in 2006. We'll be known as The Notables, and we want to play at your wedding/bar mitzvah/bris! "The hippest shlock in the business!" is going to be our motto. Our site will be up in the next week or two at

Thursday, August 04, 2005

No new posts!

It's going to be pretty damned skimpy over here for awhile, kids. Check out the action at my Cafepress store though- cool new designs are coming fast and furious.