Thursday, March 30, 2006

Piazza San Pietro!

Piazza San Pietro. A few so-so shots before I head back to the boat.  Posted by Picasa

I got some cool shots of this fountain with the Diana; this one was with the Stylus.  Posted by Picasa

The walkway surrounding the piazza. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

River of song!

That's the new title of the opening night show on the boat. It used to be "Showboat's a comin'!" I don't know which I hate more. It's the first week of the season and Tim's really pessimistic about it, but I'm feeling good. It beats flipping burgers. More Rome pictures coming soon.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Casey applies makeup!

Casey applies makeup in preparation for another day in Rome. Tri-x (expired in the 70's but frozen the whole time) run through the Fuji GA-645.  Posted by Picasa

Here you can get a good look at her home-made Dangerous Brothers t-shirt. Two British lunatics, apparently.  Posted by Picasa

On the whole I haven't been real wild about the GA-645- it operates very differently from a traditional camera, and I've never bothered to learn how to do anything with it beyond basic aperture priority, which I haven't even used that much- mostly I just let the program determine the exposure. It's been basically a medium format point and shoot for me. The Fuji 645 folder is looking mighty interesting to me though... Posted by Picasa

Casey 2 Posted by Picasa

Casey 3 Posted by Picasa

None of these in-the-mirror shots worked out very well. Why did I even include this one? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Via Quatro Fontane!

We found ourselves on this street many times during the trip. This day we were trying to return from the Vatican and found the Metro was closed due to a strike, so we decided to walk back and wound up walking an extra couple of miles out of our way.  Posted by Picasa

Il Messagg-something. My new favorite crappy building in Rome. Some bridge-and-tunnel kids egged us here on the way back to the hotel one night. Little bastards.  Posted by Picasa

Ordinary Italians go about their daily lives. The guy with the puffy coat is very out of fashion. That's what they were wearing in '03. Now everybody wears the parkas with the fur fringe around the hood, like kids used to wear in '73.  Posted by Picasa

Lots of Japanese in Rome this time.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 24, 2006

Festival day!

This day there was a festival of some kind (for S. Marco?) which involved a couple of samba bands and lots of children in costume and tons of confetti. Later we stumbled upon a military ceremony on the Quirinal, which I didn't bother to photograph.  Posted by Picasa

The samba group, which included lunatics on stilts, enters Piazza Della Reppublica, which I like.  Posted by Picasa

These people preceded the batteria. Posted by Picasa

Flamboyantly-attired Italians dance a lascivious fandango!  Posted by Picasa

Children in costume wander the streets! Don't worry: Via Nazionale, which I hate, was closed to traffic.  Posted by Picasa

Hot chestnuts! Posted by Picasa

We wander around the Rome's Centro Storico!

View of the side of the Pantheon. Lots of dramatic shots coming soon. Posted by Picasa

Piazza Navona Posted by Picasa

Casey on the piazza! Posted by Picasa

Casey 2 Posted by Picasa

Casey 3 Posted by Picasa

Another view of the piazza.  Posted by Picasa