Friday, January 06, 2017

Stick Control in odd meters - 02

Continuing from the previous post on adapting roll exercises in Stick Control to odd meters— see that post for an explanation; I'll just give examples of a few more possibilities.

Like this rather advanced way of doing the p. 27 exercises:

Play the 8th notes as an 8th note triplet, and play the “10-tuplet” as 16th notes. That adds up to 7/8— we'll phrase it 2+2+3:

So the exercises are played like this:

Once again, you'll want a metronome that can click those accents— quarter note/quarter note/dotted quarter note, or 2+2+3. I use a free program called Open Metronome. These settings will get you that click:

With the p. 38 exercises, you can easily make a fast, simple 5/4:

Just ignore the tuplet indication over the quarter notes:

You can do these on the drumset by adding a bass drum note after each of the quarter notes.

You could also add a bass drum on every beat 1, along with a cymbal, played with whichever hand is indicated. I haven't written an example for that, but it's similar to what we did in the first post.

With exercises 9-12, you'll just get running 8th notes in 5/4:

There are many more possibilities, if you just ignore, add, or change tuplet indications, and figure out the resulting meter, as we've done here. Have fun!

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