Monday, January 23, 2017

Death march life advice

“I made a decision to set goals for myself. I've got to make it to that herd of caribou. When I got to that herd of caribou I would establish another goal for myself. I never established long term goals that were impossible to reach, I never established a goal that said 'Oh, I want to get home.' That was not one of my goals. My goals were short-range, only to keep me walking and keep me alive. Because I knew that if I fell down, I'm dead.”

— Bataan death march surviver on how to survive when you've been captured by the Empire of Japan and are being forced, in 110 degree heat without food or water, to march or die. Also how to learn to play the drums.

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Xaque said...

Huh. My grandfather was in the death march but I never made the connection with drums. Good stuff