Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cymbals for sale

A few cymbals for sale. They're all nice, and I hate to part with them, but I've just got too many medium-heavy 20" rides around, and for whatever reason these haven't found their way into my regular rotation. Hit the email Todd link in the sidebar to contact me about them.

18" Paiste 602 (black label) Flat Ride - SOLD

20" Paiste Sound Creation New Dimension Dark Ride - $240 shipped
I've written quite a bit about my interest in the Paiste Sound Creation line in the past few years, and I've acquired a few of them. I've had students play this cymbal and love it, I just already have a 22" SCND Dark, and a 22" 602 Dark, and I'm just not that likely to take this one to a gig over either of those. It's medium-heavy, with a rather aggressive sound, and a small, high-pitched bell. Everybody wants the 22" version, and they're priced accordingly— the 20" still sounds great, and is a good entry into the SCDR experience. I want to keep it just because I've seen video of Famoudou Don Moye, Ronald Shannon Jackson, and Sonship playing this model, but I have to let it go.

Stick marks on top from the previous owner, but can be cleaned up easily, logos are strong.

20" Paiste 602 (blue label) Heavy - $240 shipped
This would be the prettiest-sounding pop or rock ride in the world. It says “heavy”, but it's about the weight of a Zildjian Ping Ride, with more overtones, and much nicer to play all around. Semi-crashable at higher volumes. With rivets it could be a decent Billy Higgins-type cymbal— passable until you can spring for the ~$500 to get that 22" 602 Medium Ride.

In played condition, finish is bright, logos strong on bottom, moderate wear on top.

20" Sabian Jack Dejohnette Series (original, not Encore) Ride - $200 shipped
Great all around cymbal if you're looking for a very percussive, dry Dejohnette or Joey Baron-like vibe. Good practice cymbal, because you can really hear your attacks. It's a very playable cymbal, very crashable in that very dry kind of way.

Doesn't really have that virgin showroom sheen any more, but it looks basically new.

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