Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We tweet!

Would that we were actually talking
about Paul Klee's painting “The Twittering
Machine”,  and not social networking.
By the way, we'll be making a fresh effort at getting going with the Twitter machine... I'm going to doing more on Twitter. I'll be sharing blog items, but it will also be a little more personal— for now, I'm feeling free to comment on non-music related items. And I'll probably post some videos and things I don't want to take up blog real estate with, for whatever reason. If that sounds like your cup of tea, well, hit the button:

Like everyone else on Twitter, I'm secretly hoping for a Jon Favreau-like public relations debacle, which leads to a food porn-fueled road journey across the south in my ramshackle sandwich truck, with my John Leguizamo-like sidekick, in which we all learn and grow a little, after which my wildest dream ventures are financed by a former nemesis turned benefactor...

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