Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Book of the Blog now available!

2014 Book of the Blog
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All right, continuing our frenzy of new product, the 2014 Book of the Blog is now available for purchase. 80 pages of intermediate-to-very-challenging stuff. There are robust sections on the jazz waltz and Afro-Cuban drumming; and a nice collection of snare drum exercises that have been on my stand for several weeks now. Transcriptions of the drumming of Tony Williams, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Ed Blackwell, Dannie Richmond, Ringo Starr, Funkadelic, and 70s studio greats Rick Marotta and John Guerin, and more!

It's such an excellent companion to the 2013 Book of the Blog, I'm going to go ahead and discount that book 20% to encourage you buy them both. I don't know how long I'll leave that up, so git it now, if you're gonna...

And also: the print version of our e-book, Playing Samba and Bossa Nova, is now ready to purchase. It's a svelte little 30-page manual with all the basic information you need to begin playing this style with people, and to continue your education with that music. It's basically everything else you wanted to know after somebody showed you a bossa nova beat, and you didn't know what else you were supposed to do with it. “OK, fine, I can play the beat— now what?” Well, here...

There is of course the Kindle version available, too, if you swing that way. Viewable on Kindle, and on other devices using the free Kindle app.


David Hurd said...

Thanks a bunch, Todd, for your wonderful work--'super helpful for a student like me.


David Hurd

Todd Bishop said...

David-- Thanks for reading-- I'm glad the stuff is useful to you! thx tb

David Hurd said...

Got the 2 books today. Fantastic! 'Really looking forward to the Book of Intros, too!

Thanks a bunch,

-David Hurd

Todd Bishop said...

Awesome, great-- thanks again for buying them!!!