Thursday, January 22, 2015

Page o' coordination: basic — 05

Here's another basic funk/rock page o' coordination, this time using a series of es and as on the bass drum— to me this exact rhythm is a very 70s thing, and doing it with an open hihat on all of the bass drum notes was one of the first “licks” I ever noticed and tried to learn on the drums. Here we'll just use it as a convenient idiomatic rhythm for structuring a measure of 4/4 with a funk feel. Some of the exercises are usable performance patterns, but we're really just working out some coordination issues, here.

Learn to play the page straight through without stopping, playing each exercise at least four times. If you have any problem getting the timing of the bass drum notes, try counting the combined rhythm of all the parts before playing the exercise. See the first entry in this series for some practice suggestions.

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