Friday, January 30, 2015

Transcription: Elvin Jones — Lonnie's Lament

I've transcribed Elvin Jones's playing during McCoy Tyner's solo, on Lonnie's Lament, which you will have just listened to on the John Coltrane album Crescent. It's medium tempo, with a subdued vibe for much of it, and should be a manageable introduction to Elvin's playing, if you're new to it. The transcription begins at 1:49:

Swing the 8th notes. The solo 120 bars long, is over one chord, with four or eight bar phrases. There's probably more going on with the bass drum than has made it into the transcription— at some points it sounds as if he's playing it lightly on beats 1 and 3. Note that there are several variations/embellishments on the very-Elvin triplet pattern of RH/LH/BD.

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Unknown said...

Yeah Todd, great non-overwhelming Elvin transcription!