Friday, January 30, 2015

Daily best music in the world: two drummers

The Modern Drummer website has a decent little list of great double-drumming tracks. I was ready to come down on them for not including the Butthole Surfers, but no, there they are— a bold choice for a drumming magazine. It'd have been nice if they'd got some Motown in there, because a lot of those recordings had two drummers on them. Also glad they didn't go for the easy Ornette Coleman choice, Free Jazz— they went deeper into his catalog for their selection.

Here's one they missed: Peter Erskine and Steve Jordan playing on Don Grolnick's solo album, from about 1987(?):

A couple of more, after the break:

And, what the hey, here's Free Jazz. it's not my favorite thing, but it's historically important; I try to listen to it all the way through every 10 years or so. The drummers are Ed Blackwell and Billy Higgins:

And Frank Zappa's Roxy & Elsewhere is just the greatest thing in the world, ever. I only feel the need to include it because I keep meeting people in their 30s and younger who have no experience with basic elements of our culture. Drummers are Ralph Humphrey and Chester Thompson:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Todd, do you know who drums on Zappa's "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast"? Wikipedia credits a few drummers for the work on the album, but I can't find any credits for specific songs. Thanks.