Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Transcription: Ivan Conti — Nome Dele E Joan

Here's more from Brazilian drummer Ivan Conti, of the band Azymuth. The tune is a moderate-tempo samba, Nome Dele E Joan, from the band's 2002 album Partido Novo. I just transcribed a few bars from the first little B section:

If you've been reading our new book Playing Samba and Bossa Nova (Kindle | print), you'll notice several things I mentioned there, starting with the set up at the beginning, on the bass drum— you hear Brazilian drummers do that a lot, Americans, not so much. He hits it lightly here. The rhythms he plays on the hihat should feel familiar if you've played through the practice rhythms in the book; the left hand is not playing an independent rhythm, it's just following the hihat, partially in unison. Notice how he handles the little ensemble figures— he plays the figure exactly on the drums, or drums and cymbal, without the bass drum continuing the groove underneath.

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