Saturday, January 10, 2015

A few items for sale

Just FYI, I have a few things for sale right now:

Pearl 12"x7" snare drum — $150.00
It's a  “popcorn” size drum, but it's a real drum, well put together, with a nice, fat (8-ply?), maple shell. I used this on my last record, tuned low— great for getting that timbre without the pitch going way too low. Click through to my record Travelogue in the sidebar to give it a listen. Looks great.

SOLD - 20" A. Zildjian Deep Ride — $150.00
Late 70s vintage, with ink, and almost new looking. 8 rivets that must have been factory-installed. The Deep Rides are heavier cymbals, but with qualities you wouldn't expect. T. Bruce Wittet describes them thusly:

A marvelous low-profile, mystical ride cymbal that offered the articulation inherent in a heavier cymbal with the dark utterance of the Turkish K. [...] The Deep Ride was in a class all its own and while Zildjian figured the onslaught of new American-made Ks would render it redundant…they didn’t. The Zildjian Deep Ride confirmed my suspicion that a cymbal could be at once heavy in weight, full in tone.

It's a cool cymbal, but I've got a few too many heavier 20s around right now...

14" A. Zildjian New Beat hihats — $120.00
Early 70s. They're New Beats— as classic as they come. About in the middle of the weight range, relative to other New Beats.

SOLD - 20" Paiste Sound Formula Full Ride — $130.00
1996. Drilled for six rivets by Gregg Keplinger. A reasonable poor man's Sound Creation Dark Ride, if you want to try rocking that somewhat-dark, cutting vibe without spending $500. I used this on my 2012 Europe tour; it's on the heavier side of medium— I guess in the 2500g range?—  but lush-sounding, true to its name. Gregg Keplinger drilled this for eight rivets for me.

Ludwig 17"x12" marching tenor drum — $100.00
Olive badge, early 70s vintage? Gold/black/gold sparkle, with the long, one-piece lug casings. I was meaning to slap some bass drum spurs on this and make it the foundation of a micro-bop set, but I never got around to it. The 17" heads are apparently not as hard to get hold of as you might think— you will have to order them.

Let's say $30 shipping for the Ludwig, $20 for anything else, and $30 for two items. Reach me via email, in the sidebar, if you have any questions, or would like to arrange a purchase.

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