Thursday, August 31, 2023

CYMBALISTIC: Seattle meet wrap up!

CYMBALISTIC: We had a fun event at the Seattle Drum School on Monday evening. It was small but mighty, but we're a small but mighty operation. Response to the cymbals was very enthusiastic, as always.

Tim (of Cymbal & Gong) and I are getting our chops together for these types of things, hopefully we'll be doing more together. 

I got a little video, as I get it I'll share media from others who were there:  

The cymbals being played at the different times are: 

0:00 - 15" Holy Grail hihats / 17" Special Janavar crash-ride "Laurie" / 22" Extra Special Janavar "Donna"
1:21 - same as above, with 18" Holy Grail crash "Gene"
1:56 - as above, with 20" Mersey Beat crash-ride
2:16 - as above, with 22" Special Janavar crash-ride "Valentine"
3:34 - 22" Extra Special Janavar "Donna" / 18" Holy Grail crash "Gene" 

Also at one point was a little China cymbal "Xia", which was sold. 

The ones with names you can check out at Cymbalistic

Thanks to my brother John Bishop (who you see playing in the video) for pushing the thing along, and Tim Ennis of Cymbal & Gong, Steve Smith and all the rest at Seattle Drum School, and everyone who came!  

Frankfurt / Berlin / Munich

Stay tuned for details, visit to pick out and reserve your cymbal! 


Michael Griener said...

Great! Looking forward to the Tupperware party in Berlin !

Todd Bishop said...

Brunnenstra├če baby! Where it all started. And my guy buying the set may have me ship his, which means I'll have more things to show people in Berlin.