Sunday, August 06, 2023

Cymbalistic: videos are up - event dates

CYMBALISTIC: Videos and descriptions of the new cymbals are up, check them out at Cymbalistic.

I'm putting a lot of ears on them ahead of upcoming events in Seattle and Germany (see below), so many/most/all of them will be going away in coming weeks. So if you want one, speak now. 

Here's a Special Janavar that caught my ear: 

I mean, they all caught my ear, that's why I got them to sell, that's literally the point of all of this. Like here's a 22" Holy Grail Jazz Ride with a heavy patina, definitely in the neighborhood of a Tony Williams cymbal: 

Here is the current state of information on the in-person events: 

SEATTLE: Monday, August 28th, 7:30pm - Seattle Drum School - Georgetown
1010 S. Bailey Street, Seattle, WA. 98108 – (206) 763-9700

Drummer hang with Tim Ennis of Cymbal & Gong, John Bishop of Origin Records, Steve Smith of Seattle Drum School, and a lot of other great Seattle drummers who have been asking about these cymbals. 

GERMANY - BERLIN / HEIDELBERG / ELSEWHERE?: Travel plans are forming, I will visit Germany in late September / early October. I will bring ONE case of cymbals. That's only about eleven cymbals— and I've already sold three. If you want one you probably need to order in advance.   

 Updates coming soon! 

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