Friday, September 01, 2023

Transcription: Peter Erskine - Duo - 02

Here's the second 30 seconds of Duo, played by Peter Erkine and Bob Mintzer, on Mintzer's record Hymn. This track comes in a tight little package, every 30 seconds exactly = two times through the form, and fits neatly on the page. 

Benchmark here: we have Erskine doing some familiar triplet stuff into the high 250s bpm— if you're working on that and wondering how fast you should go with it. 

And there's a hip little thing he does with the tom tom in the middle of the third line— you can cop that.

The hihat is irregular, and not always seemingly related to what the rest of what he's doing, but it's a clue to his phrasing and to the mechanics of what he's doing— there's a rhythm that repeats a few times, on beats 1, 3-4, 2-3. 

Note the frequent big accents on the snare drum on beat 3, sometimes 1. More coming next week!

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