Monday, January 31, 2005

Seattle: mark your calendars!

I'm doing a photo show at Bud's Jazz Records in Pioneer Square opening on Thursday April 7, 2005. I'll be showing a bunch of stuff from my Ballard Jazz Festival show, and some new things too. My group Lower Monumental. will be playing and trying to entice people to buy our new record. It's a great store with tons of great music, so come down and hang with us. We'll be playing in the evening- I'll post the exact time as it gets closer to the date.

I get to be on the radio!

** 89.3 WNUR FM, "Chicago's Sound Experiment" **
** Jazz Show: Weekdays 5 am - 12:30 pm **
** **
** Live RealAudio Broadcast at **
Mike Corsa, Jazz Music Director

WNUR 89.3 FM
Attn: Jazz Show
1920 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208 USA

These are the top 10 releases ranked by actual total airplay by our
20+ jazz DJ's for the week ending on January 28, 2004.
(* denotes reissue)

1. Dave Douglas - Mountain Passages - Greenleaf
2. Gold Sparkle Trio with Ken Vandermark - Brooklyn Cantos - Squealer Music
3. Lower Monumental - Mayday Session: Live on Sonarchy - Origin
4. Gebhard Ullman - The Big Band Project - Soul Note
5. Kali Z. Fasteau - Making Waves - Flying Note Records
6. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Sirius Calling - Pi Recordings
7. Joe McPhee & Dominic Duval - Rules of Engagement Vol. 2 - Drimala
8. Milo Fine - Ikebana - Emanem
9. Kakalla - The Seeds of Analog Rebellion - Weltschmerz Records
10. Juez - Shemspeed Alt Schule - Modular Mood Records

UPDATE: I've just been informed that we were 15th on WNUR for the month of January. Thanks WNUR!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I lurk about the periphery of a real pro photoshoot!

At the Sapphire Hotel. Kickass photographer (and fellow South Eugene HS alum) Sarah Henderson shot my girlfriend Jen's new group with Pete Krebs and Lara Michell, the Stolen Sweets. I hung out and took a few pictures and tried to stay out of the way. Posted by Hello

Here's Erin, one of the singers. Posted by Hello

Erin 3 Posted by Hello

Erin 4 Posted by Hello

Shooting the girls 1  Posted by Hello

Shooting the girls 2 Posted by Hello

Shooting the guys while the girls hang. Posted by Hello

Lara expresses displeasure at something on the digital camera. Posted by Hello

Lara applies make-up! Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

Disposable panoramics!

Here are some shots I took with one of those crappy disposable panaormic cameras on our first trip to Rome in '98. Nothing special, I was just feeling nostalgic... Posted by Hello

From the porch of the Pantheon.  Posted by Hello

Some kind of shrine or other. Posted by Hello

View of the Forum from the Capitoline.  Posted by Hello

Next to the Temple of Julius Caesar in the Forum, where Caesar was cremated. You kind of have to use your imagination, because it's just the brick foundation of the building with a few fragments of marble veneer. The large building to the right is the Curia again, the ancient Senate building.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fed Micron!

The Fed Micron. Piece of Soviet-made crap half-frame thing. Probably manufactured in a retooled WWII PPSh submachine gun plant.  Posted by Hello

The auto setting seems to vary the shutter speed between about 1/250 and 1/60. Usually I use it in low light and set the shutter to 'B' and just guess how long to hold it open. The top frame is my 1962 Dodge Lancer (For Sale! Email for details!) and the bottom frame is a couple of bags of empty Pabst cans and a box.  Posted by Hello

Guitarist Matt Wayne and Steve Pancerev. I've played with Matt for years first in Flatland and now with Lower Monumental. Steve Pancerev is a great drummer who has recently relocated to Providence. Here they are getting ready to play at the Blue Monk.  Posted by Hello

I bought these drums from Steve, and then sold them. The flaming siena rug is still mine, and makes quite a stir when I throw it down at black-tie events, let me tell you.  Posted by Hello

Like many artists, I compulsively humiliate myself in public.

Want to read more about crummy-butt Soviet cameras? Go to Alfred's Camera PagePosted by Hello

I take pictures from around the house!

Here are pictures of things laying around the house. The roses on the red background were shot with the Lomo- everything else was shot with the Mamiya m645, which I'm in the process of selling on e-bay.  Posted by Hello

Tiny Italian candies! Posted by Hello

Roses! Posted by Hello

More pink roses! Posted by Hello

Dead rosebuds. 1 Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello