Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Solo transcription: Ben Riley - Bemsha Swing

More Ben Riley! From the same record as yesterday— Thelonious Monk Live At The It Club— and in fact this is the very next tune they played at the gig, Bemsha Swing. So, two drum solos by Ben Riley, that he played within within 10 minutes of each other. 

Bemsha Swing is a 16 bar tune, a miniature AABA— a four bar tune played four times, played in a different key on the bridge. He plays three choruses— 48 bars— in real clean four bar phrases. 

The solo starts at 6:37: 

Once again there are a lot of abbreviated 16ths, and some triplets. Hihat is spotty, often played on 2 and 4, but not really integral to the main idea. There's also not so much bass drum feathering activity here— often on the longer runs of singles it'll be there. 

Lots of phrases start with that 1 &2 & figure with the cymbals. And a lot of obvious paradiddles happening there— anytime you see those lone notes on the floor tom on an e of the beat, and probably elsewhere with the 16th notes.

Get the pdf 

Again, Blogger isn't letting me embed the video, so you'll have to open it up in YouTube or get out your record to listen.

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