Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tim Time!

Here are a bunch more shots of Tim from Bill's show at the R&B.  Posted by Picasa

Another unique one. Posted by Picasa

Another little series of shots from the same angle with the same aproximate shutter speed. Posted by Picasa

Tim playing 2 Posted by Picasa

Tim playing 3 Posted by Picasa

Another long exposure with the 135.  Posted by Picasa

I bust out the 135mm. Not sure what the point of this shot is. Usually you want to get the bell in there so people know what the hell they're looking at. Well, screw it. I know what it is.  Posted by Picasa

That is my camera bag dominating the foreground. I'm a complete idiot. But here's Casey watching the show; in the background is Tracy Kim, a guitarist who's an old school chum of Tim's. I also played with him in McKinley's band for awhile and he bought a few of my paintings.  Posted by Picasa

Series of Tim!

Here's a series of shots from of Tim playing with Bill Athens at the Red & Black in Portland a couple of weeks ago. These were all taken with the OM-2, slide film, cross-processed. Posted by Picasa

Tim 3 Posted by Picasa

Tim 1 Posted by Picasa

Tim 2 Posted by Picasa

Tim 4 Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Saxophonist Tim Jensen!

Tim Jensen's group at the Red & Black on one of Mary Sue Tobin's Thursday night events. A lot of these shots are seriously underexposed with weird blown out highlights in spots. I shot t400cn in the Holga and mostly bounced the flash off the ceiling. Good group with interesting compositions. Tim's record is on my brother's Origin label.  Posted by Picasa

These are kind of cool shots of the trombonist. The others are pretty woefully underexposed, but are still pretty cool nevertheless. I think I bounced the shot off the (high) ceiling here. The rule with the Holga seems to be 1) get close and 2) put them close to a wall and bounce the flash off it. Using the flash aimed direct in nighttime situations also gives some cool, more gritty, WeeGee-like pictures. You have to be careful of objects between the camera and the subject because they tend to get way too much of the flash.  Posted by Picasa

Trombone 2 Posted by Picasa

Another example of the Holga taking cool looking shots very close up and bouncing the flash off a near wall. I don't know if it's real flattering for him, but the tonality sure is nice. Great guitarist, I forget his name. Posted by Picasa

Trombone 3 Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the guitarist. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

We gorge!

Casey and I were going to climb Beacon Rock, but when we got there we were plastered flat by the wind the second we got out of the car. So we went to... uh, Woclella? Falls, near Bonneville Dam instead. Shot these with the Yashica T4 (which I never use and should probably sell) using e100g (I think) slide film cross-processed as always.  Posted by Picasa

Another arm's length self-portrait shots everyone makes fun of me for.  Posted by Picasa

Casey hangs by the big wooden footbridge.  Posted by Picasa

Casey hangs by the waterfall Posted by Picasa

OK, this is ill-composed, but the cross-processing did kind of a neat effect with the light.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gear for Rome.

Putting together my Rome rig:

Olympus OM-2 w/24, 50, and 135mm lenses.
Fuji GA-645
Olympus Stylus Epic

My plan is to burn a shitload of slide film (cross-processing) with the Stylus and the Diana, and a buttload of t400cn in the Holga. At night I'll be shooting mostly print film in the Stylus and maybe the OM. The OM is known for its low-light metering, which I haven't messed with a lot, so I'm looking forward to exploring its capabilties in that department.

I'm a little reluctant to drag the Fuji with me; it takes beautiful pictures, but I haven't really got much that's really inspiring to me with it. I plan on hitting the streets with it at dawn a couple of days and try and get some gorgeous, boring shots. The Holga and the Diana are much more exciting to me right now, so I'll probably sell it after I get back.

With the OM I'm mainly excited to get over there with the 24mm lens. On the last trip I had the Minolta SRT with only a 50mm lens and had a very hard time getting enough distance from the subject. I really need to do a lot more work with the 24- it has the potential to make some really dynamic looking shots. Also, after shlepping the SRT the compact size of the OM is going to be nice. I'm not really much inspired to use the 50 and 135mm lenses, but I feel obligated to take them.

Amanda and Michelle 2 Posted by Picasa