Friday, August 04, 2023

Sidebar: it's things you do with rhythm

It is funny, I find myself typing the words SYNCOPATION and REED an awful lot, but this entire category of thing is not owned by that one book and that one author. We really talking about things you do with rhythm. 

Say it again: 


It just happens that Ted Reed's book is a convenient and widely used practice library for that type of thing. We could just as well slap Louis Bellson's name and book all over this, except I hate Louis Bellson's book. There are some other books you could use (and I see that list is in dire need of updating)— I really like Chuck Kerrigan's book. 

Anyhow, this whole field of study is nothing but common ways (and ways that are personal to me) professional drummers interpret rhythm

Carry on... 

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