Monday, August 28, 2023


CYMBALISTIC: Bumping this to the top of the site for tonight's event— if you're in the vicinity of Seattle, come on down, say hi, play some cymbals! 

SEATTLE: Monday, August 28th, 7:30pm - Seattle Drum School - Georgetown
1010 S. Bailey Street, Seattle, WA. 98108 – (206) 763-9700

Drummer hang with myself, Tim Ennis of Cymbal & Gong, John Bishop of Origin Records, Steve Smith of Seattle Drum School, and a lot of other great Seattle drummers who have been asking about these cymbals. I'll bring all the cymbals I have, and Tim will bring a few more things, so there will be a lot of cymbals to play! 

Visit the Facebook event page if you want to RSVP, or just show up! 

Oct. 11 - Frankfurt - Kelsterbach  |  Oct. 13 - Berlin - Brunnenviertel  |  Oct. 15 - Munich - Hbf
I will bring ONE case of cymbals— about eleven cymbals, several of which are already sold. Order in advance to be sure of getting the one you want, especially if you're in Munich!

The one serious meet is happening in Berlin at 12:00 noon on the 13th; Frankfurt and Munich will mainly be chances to meet people briefly and hand off pre-ordered cymbals. Contact me for details.

Here's my man in Berlin— friend, supporter, and great drummer Michael Griener, playing a couple of Cymbal & Gong sets he has assembled over the last 5 years:

Michael is one of the busiest drummers I know, and is constantly traveling all over Europe playing and recording. It's a big deal when someone like that decides an instrument is the one they want to use. Serious players love these cymbals. 

By the way, a companion (named “Spock”) of the 20" Extra Special Janavar “Kirk”, on the right side in the first part of the video, is in Berlin now, and available for purchase.  

Cymbals in the video:
First part:

Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail 14” hihats “Richie”
Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail 18” crash “Lyle” 
Cymbal & Gong XS Janavar 20” crash-ride “Kirk”
Cymbal & Gong Second Line Swish Knocker 20" “Melba”

Second part: 3:39
Cymbal & Gong Leon Collection Light Hihats 14" "Florent"
Cymbal & Gong - Leon Collection 18″ Thin Crash “Zénon”
Cymbal & Gong MerseyBeat Ride 20" "Alvin"
Cymbal & Gong  Project cymbal: Swish with cutout, drilled for 17 rivets 22" “Dizzy”

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