Sunday, May 02, 2021

Three Camps for drum set: 16th notes - SSBB

More of Three Camps adapted for drum set, with a 16th note SSBB pattern, in a jazz feel. Let's call this an advanced page, because there's a little extra 16th note filler on the snare drum that many won't have worked out, and there are a few notes you have to follow. It's not easy to just read it. Follow the instructions, learn them, memorize them, throw the page away.   

We're getting fairly remote from the original piece, but who cares, the exercises are good. With this particular version the normal thing on the 'D' measures— the beginning of the third camp— didn't work so well, so I deviated from the logic of the original a little bit. 

Note that on “Basic, starting on 2” you have to continue the SSBB pattern on beat 1 of the last measure of the AABA and CCBC sections. On both of the “syncopated” versions, there are circled notes that you play only on the A* and C* measures, as indicated in the form written beneath each variation. 

To reduce visual clutter I haven't indicated a hihat part. Play it on beats 2 and 4, or play it on all of the &s for a double time feel.  

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