Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Syncopation exercise: page 38 inverted

A little writing experiment here: I've inverted the rhythm from the full page Exercise 1 from Progressive Steps to Syncopation, on p. 38 in current editions, famously on p. 37 from earlier editions. It's one of the best known pages in drumming literature, certainly to jazz musicians. It's often practiced filling in the gaps in the melody rhythm with 8th notes, so when you do that with this page, the filler hand/foot will be playing that very familiar rhythm of the original Reed p. 38. 

I was just curious how this would work out, practicing all my normal stuff. Maybe nothing of interest at all, but that's why we blog. At the very least it's another reading exercise with a lot more non-syncopated quarters than we see elsewhere in Reed. 

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