Sunday, May 16, 2021

Page o' coordination: Jimmy Cobb Afro

Page o' coordination based on Jimmy Cobb's playing on the tune Not A Tear, played by Wynton Kelly. The main groove Cobb plays on this tune is actually identical to the groove from Andrew Hill's MC, played by Idris Muhammad— which I misattributed to Freddie Waits. It's a good groove to have at your disposal for situations requiring an easy to follow version of this feel. Here we'll look at a variation Cobb frequently plays on that tune.  

That POC at the link above, plus today's POC, plus this warm up page, and perhaps this one, make a pretty fair introduction to this area of playing— for mastering the coordination, at least. Scroll through my Afro 6 labeled posts, you're bound to find others, and many serious challenges as well. 

My suggested method is to learn the whole page, then drill it using some set left hand moves around the drums.  

Get the pdf

Here's the recording— the Afro groove begins at around 2:00:

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