Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Daily best music in the world / groove o' the day: Sookie Sookie

I heard this on Portland's jazz station KMHD yesterday— on Ben Turner's excellent afternoon show. You probably don't have a decent local jazz station, so you should be streaming KMHD online and becoming a monthly supporter. A much better use of that $10 monthly than that Hulu subscription or whatever.   

This is Sookie Sookie by Grant Green, with Idris Muhammad on drums— because he's everywhere— and it's everything I like in drumming. There's a lot here to be learned about the difference between human musical repetition and machine repetition. 

Here's approximately the groove Muhammad is playing on the solos: 

He may not be stating all of it all the time— some of that bass drum rhythm is being played by the bassist and/or percussionist. That's the overall vibe— with a strong 1 in the first three measures and building intensity in the fourth measure. He does some different things with the cymbal— listen for how he uses the bell later on in the track.   

It's very repetitive, clearly, and it's engaging because you feel that it's being created by a group of very engaged humans. There's a feeling of suspense that's totally absent when someone plays over a loop created on a device. Humans are sensitive to that, and mechanical repetition has totally different implications for them.  


Ed Pierce said...

This is from the album Grant Green Alive!, and Idris's playing on the whole thing is marvelous.

Todd Bishop said...

Yeah I never listened to that one! Everything good I hear turns out to be Idris right now.