Thursday, May 13, 2021

Transcription: Jimmy Cobb fours

Jimmy Cobb trading fours with Wynton Kelly on Gone With The Wind, from Kelly's self-titled (plus an exclamation point) trio album from 1961. There's a lot of very standard vocabulary here, the type of which I've been working with several students lately. And there are some unusual things, like the five note patterns in 8th notes and triplets in the fifth and last lines. I don't see a lot of that in making these transcriptions.  

The trading begins at 2:37. Tempo is a bright quarter note = 247. I've been real interested in this tempo range lately— around 240 to 280. 


Note that on some lines I've included the pickups to his solo breaks— he sets up his solos pretty emphatically, starting with the third one.  The tempo is bright, and the denser spots get a little crushed— any place you see any 16th notes. If I were learning to play this page, I would figure out something to do with those; they're just little fast things that sound kind of funny and aren't really critical content.  

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