Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Billy

For fun I've pulled at random some four measure comping phrases from recordings featuring Billy Higgins on drums. Sort of at random: I've grabbed the first thing I heard on the track that stands out as especially interesting on its own. All intermediate and better jazz drumming students should play through these, and listen to the recordings:

He's playing in a bop style here, so swing the 8th notes. The only articulations I've given are some buzzes on the snare drum— you'll have to find a shape that works for you for each of these lines. They're not meant to be played at a dead-even volume. The cymbal part is just for reference, in case you need to see it; Higgins may have played some cymbal variations on the recordings which I did not transcribe. Several phrases have bass drum parts specified, otherwise add the feet as you see fit— add hihat on 2 and 4, and “feather” quarter notes or half notes on the bass drum, or just leave it out.

Repeat each line many times.

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