Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daily best music in the world: Don Pullen

This is wild; a melody composed seemingly entirely of wrong notes, alternating with a groovy pentatonic vamp. That's actually a hallmark of Don Pullen's thing; bright, happy tunes, and a whole lot of playing the piano with his forearm. With Ricky Ford on tenor, and Beaver Harris on drums:

Here's another all-time favorite thing by Pullen, from Kele Mou Bana, by his band African-Brazilian Connection. I got this record in 1992, when a famous (male) theater writer hit on me in the art section of a book store on Hollywood Blvd., and invited me to the Capitol Records building to meet the west coast president of Blue Note Records. I was in a funk/rap group with Rashied Ali's son at the time, so I was able to make it sound like I was doing something, even though I wasn't. Anyway, the Blue Note guy gave me a bunch of CDs at the end of our little meeting.

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