Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CSD! 2015 fund raiser happening NOW

NOTE: This post will be pinned to the top of the blog until June 1, but I'll be posting heavily, so be sure to scroll down and hit the older posts link so you don't miss any of the new, extra-special content.

OK, folks, here we go with our 2015 “I like CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER!” fund raiser, wherein I invite you to contribute some of your hard-earned money, to help us continue the flow of great drumming-related stuff.

I'll spare you an extended sales pitch, except to invite you to take a fresh gander at our downloads archive, and mention that it does take a lot of time, effort, and energy to write that stuff— for which I'm not paid directly at all. I rely on people thinking what I'm doing is valuable, and then deciding to take action and make a donation, or buy our products.

As always, one-time donations are lovely, but you can now also become a continuing member by signing up to make an automatic monthly contribution. If you approve of what we're doing here, and you have the means, this is an incredibly great way to help us do our work, for you:

Choose your recurring support level:

Or you can make a one-time donation— all amounts are helpful, and welcome:

Contribute to the blog the price of:

If you value what we do, and want us to continue, please give generously, according to your resources.

More ways to support the blog after the break:

You can also:
  • Buy our books
  • Buy my CDs— preview the music and get prices on Bandcamp, then send payment (plus $3 in North America, or $6 elsewhere for shipping) to toddbishop (at), via PayPal.  
  • Download my music
  • Get drum lessons with me via Skype (ID is todd6ishop— call or message any time!)
  • Advertise on the blog. Hit the email link in the sidebar to make an inquiry. 

If you can't make a cash contribution, you can also help us by: 
  • Recommending us to your drummer friends.
  • Sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, wherever. 
  • Becoming a member (look in the sidebar; scroll down to where it says “join this site”; click the button and go through whatever rigamarole Google asks of you). 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great work. You're very generous with your knowledge and teaching. I really appreciate your emphasis on musicality and practicality as opposed to technique. Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


But I'm wondering if, these days, you can really buy a pair of drumsticks for only $5?