Thursday, May 21, 2015

Page o' coordination: anticipations — 03

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So, today is going to be jazz comping day, in our little fund raiser. If you haven't made a cash contribution yet, please do. Help give me some kind of rational excuse to continue creating and dumping this much otherwise-free content onto the Internet.

This is an intermediate Page o'..., designed for working on the very common anticipation on the & of 4. You'll play a lot of these in your career, so take special care learning the timing from the & of 4 to the following beat 2; it's easy to rush it. The exercises with a snare hit on beat 1 are really for helping you define that space, but maybe you'll be able to make them sound like music. You may also want to check out two previous POCs addressing a similar issue: one | two.

Swing the 8th notes. If you have any problem getting the time squared off during that space at the beginning of the measure, adding a snare drum hit on 1 will help you with that. I know we're playing jazz, and it seems like you want a “loose” feel, but your accuracy needs to be right on the money.

You could do our usual left hand moves with this page, but somehow the character of this page is different from many of the others, and that seems unnecessary to me; maybe just improvise some moves instead. Or whatever.

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