Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ornette live in '58

Here's something remarkable: Ornette Coleman recorded live in LA in 1958, just before his big national exposure in New York. The band includes the musicians in his famous quartet: Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, and Billy Higgins, plus Paul Bley on piano. They had all been playing together a lot at this point, but like the album from '58, Something Else!, it does sound on-the-cusp; after the famous, long-running gig at the Five Spot in 1960, the band just sounds bigger and more confident in their thing. Or, hell, maybe they sounded amazing in '55 and just started getting recorded better. Don Cherry sounds great here.

Tunes are:
1. Klactoveedsestene
2. I Remember Harlem
3. The Blessing
4. Free
5. Ramblin' (possibly my favorite Ornette Track ever, from Change of the Century)
6. How Deep Is The Ocean?
7. When Will The Blues Leave?
8. Crossroads


David said...

This is incredible! Thanks so much. Hope the dental work goes smoothly.

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks, they yanked two back molars- one a wisdom tooth, and the other just in sorry shape. If my SO let's me near the computer tomorrow, I'll have some stuff to share.

David said...

I feel you man. Senior year of high school I had all my wisdom teeth removed. Still made my mom take me to my jazz combo rehearsal at WSU that afternoon. Not sure how I managed that looking back. It was all about the love of the music.

Wishing you a smooth recovery and thank you again for everything you do here on CSD. I appreciate it very much. You've got one of my favorite blogs going and I check in almost daily and am never disappointed with the content.