Friday, July 11, 2014

Very occasional quote(s) of the day: over and over again

This is the one I had...
“When we were young, we had our seven jazz albums next to our bed and played them over and over again.”
— John Scofield

“When I was young, I'd listen to one record over and over again, like The Best of Sonny Rollins. It's not like now, when I have every Sonny Rollins record ever made. But back the I could only afford one record I found in a cut-out bin. The first Wes Montgomery record I had was his first on Riverside that I got for 89 cents. I listened to it so many times that I took it in in a different way. I was getting an emotional connection that you can't get if you listen to something once and go on to the next one. Now when I hear anything from that record, it still hits me in my gut. I think young people's brains, with the whole computer thing, can take in more than I ever could. There's a real advantage to that, but there's also an advantage to listening to one thing over and over.”
— Bill Frisell

Quotes from Six String Theories by Geoffrey Himes, Jazz Times, August 2015

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