Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Site work

ANOTHER UPDATE: The search engine is mostly working correctly now. If you're looking for something specific and not finding it, open a new window and do a Google search with site:cruiseshipdrummer.com  at the beginning of the search.

UPDATE: Sweet lord, I hate the Internet. Almost everything should be back to normal now— you may have even noticed that the address of the site is now www.cruiseshipdrummer.com. Before, if you typed that into the address bar, it would take you to the old blogger address, shipdrummer.blogspot.com. Now it's the other way around; typing shipdrummer...etc takes you to the new domain. There is one small problem, however, which is that the search engine is behaving very strangely. So for now, to peruse the archives, you should try to do it with the labels, or do a regular Google search, putting site:cruiseshipdrummer.com at the beginning of your search. Hopefully I can get this figured out soon.

Doing a little hosting changeover over the next few days, so it's possible some of the downloads may not work for a moment. If you run into that, leave a comment on the post of the file you're attempting to download, and I can make sure to get it working for you.

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