Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drums for sale!

At a recording session in 2011.
SECOND UPDATE: Pictures added! 

UPDATE: I went ahead and got those drums, a Sonor Phonic bop kit, so I will be needing to sell the Slingerlands. You can hear them on my Bandcamp page— they're on both Travelogue and Little Played Little Bird. Let's say $1300, plus shipping, if anyone is interested. Email me if you have questions, want to see more pictures, whatever...

Considering selling my early-90's Keller-shell Slingerland jazz set to finance the purchase of another set of drums I reeelly want. Because of the sizes, quality, and the fact they were selling relatively cheaply at the time, there were a lot of New York jazz guys buying these during the few years they were available, I'm told.

The set includes an 18" bass drum, 10 and 12" mounted toms (with RIMS mounts), and a 14" floor tom, all in standard depths. Includes a bass drum mounted cymbal holder, which I really like. Finish is a white marine pearl wrap; they look great, but pearl finishes aren't really my thing, and I was intending to get them re-wrapped, or de-wrapped and refinished at some point.

These are really good drums. Because of the better hardware and Keller shells, I actually prefer these over any other Slingerlands I've played. I believe DW is making their own shells now, but for a long time, like when they were considered to be the absolute shit, they were getting their shells from Keller. Since I got this set, I sidelined my late 80's “progressive jazz” configuration Gretsch set, and have used these on my last two records, and everything else. I could've played these quite happily for the rest of my career, but these other drums are something of a Holy Grail for me, and I can't bring myself to sell the Gretsch...

More pictures after the break:

Bass drum has nice, robust spurs.

Inside view of the 10" tom. 

Tom mounts are also a big improvement
over the old ones, which, ah, totally sucked.

The tom mounting arms.

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