Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some cymbals FS, too...

UPDATE: Pictures added! It looks like the Bosphorus and the Zildjian 16" may be sold— just waiting to complete that sale.

While we're at it I'm going to need to sell some cymbals. Here's what I'm willing to part with, barely:

SOLD — 22" Bosphorus Turk Original Ride — 2670 grams
Light, jazz-weight cymbal. Records great, good for very low-volume live settings. All normal-light Bosphoruses sound great. $250 +shipping.

It's the main ride on this track— on that entire album, in fact. And Little Played Little Bird, and Travelogue. Why am I selling this thing, again?

19" Meinl Byzance Jazz Ride
Unsure of the weight in grams, but I'd call it a light medium. Gives a beautiful, lush, full crash. $190/shipping

20" Paiste Sound Formula Full Ride

I'd call it a medium heavy. Dense layer of overtones, high pitched, but darkish, and fairly complex. I've written about this cymbal before— it's sort of a poor man's Sound Creation Dark Ride. Also makes a good Billy Higgins cymbal. Used this on my 2012 Europe tour, playing jazz. Drilled by Gregg Keplinger for six rivets. $150/shipping

SOLD — 16" A. Zildjian Medium Ride 

Late 70's? It's tiny, but handles exactly like every other Zildjian Medium Ride you've ever played. Nobody's playing rides this small any more, but if you're playing a lot of Bossa Nova, this would be a really cool cymbal. Or trad jazz/dixieland, whatever. $90/shipping.

Oh, and a snare, too:
6x15" Slingerland TDR Concert King snare drum
Slingerland's top of the line wood shells at the time, which were 5-ply maple and mahogany; nice modern (and original) TDR strainer. This model has single lug casings. With new Evans heads, and Puresound snares. $250/shipping

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