Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What records I'm listening to

I really want to cop a feature from Jon McCaslin and list what records I'm listening to, but I'm afraid it would get as repetitive as a broken example of the medium for which the feature is named... ahem, yes. My listening rotation moves very slowly, and I can listen to the same side over and over for two or three or more days. But maybe that's the so-called lesson?

So let's see how long I can keep this up before it just gets silly. This week it's:

Jan Garbarek / Bobo Stensen Quartet - Dansere ECM
Side A: Dansere - Svevende
Drums by Jon Christensen

Keith Jarrett / Jack Dejohnette - Ruta and Daitya ECM
Side A: Overture/Communion - Ruty and Daitya - All We Got
Side B: Sounds of Peru - Algeria - You Know, You Know - Pastel Morning
Drums by Jack Dejohnette

Miles Davis - Get Up With It Columbia
Side 2: Maiysha - Honky Tonk - Rated X
Drums by Al Foster

Miles Davis - The New Miles Davis Quintet Prestige
Side B: S'Posin' - The Theme - Stablemates
Drums by Philly Joe Jones

Miles Davis - All Star Quintet/Sextet Prestige
Side A: Dr. Jackle - Minor March
Side B: Bitty Ditty - Changes
Drums by Art Taylor

Honorable mention: I had a rental car this week while my car was in the shop, and I took advantage of the nicer-than-in-my-car stereo to enjoy:

Ornette Coleman / Pat Metheny - Song X Geffen

Butthole Surfers - Electric Larryland Capitol

Oval - 94 Diskont Thrill Jockey


SlimStew said...

I've gotta get in on this. The LPs in my rotation now are:

"The Dynamic Sound Patterns of The Rod Levitt Orchestra"
John Beal, bass, and Ronnie Bedford, drums.
Riverside Records, 1963

"Bob Brookmeyer and Friends"
Ron Carter and Elvin Jones.
Columbia 1964

The Perry Robinson 4--Funk Dumpling
Henry Grimes and Paul Motian.
Savoy Records 1962

The Jerry Hahn Quintet
Ron McClure, Jack DeJohnette.
Arhoolie Records 1967

Sorry, no full sideman lists, just the bassist/drummer teams.

SlimStew said...

Oh yeah, and "Mel Lewis and Friends", Horizon 1976, w/ Ron Carter.

Todd Bishop said...

Yes, that's a great Mel Lewis record! I don't have the others-- very curious about that Perry Robinson thing! Of course, exactly what I was afraid of happening with this feature has transpired-- I've just been continuing to listen to almost all the same stuff from last time. Plus a couple of Gary Burton records I've been rotating the last few days-- I just play the same damn things over and over.

SlimStew said...

The Perry Robinson record is great--quartet with 19 year old Kenny Barron on piano. Grimes and Motian playing tunes are heaven to me. I picked this up on an OOP file-sharing site and it's been a feature on my IPOd for a year or so. Just recently found an 80's Savoy LP reissue so now it's not just a dog-walking listen.