Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cracking 5/4: listening

Here's the first in a series on playing in 5/4. Since everything in music follows from listening (and this is the easiest type of post for me to write), we'll start with some recorded examples:

5/4 Thing - Elvin Jones / Coalition - drums by Elvin Jones
I've got a partial transcription of this one lurking somewhere. I'll try to dig it up and isolate something like a primary groove out of it:

Much more after the break:

5/4 Thing - George Coleman / Eastern Rebellion - drums by Billy Higgins
Another version of the same tune:

Like Someone in Love - Sam Yahel - drums by Brian Blade

Don Ellis - Indian Lady / Electric Bath - drums by Steve Bohannon
Ellis' records are a major source for odd meter jazz:

Cuerpo y Alma (Body and Soul) - Esperanza Spaulding / Esperanza - drums by Otis Brown
(h/t to CKendrickMusic for these last two)

Long As You're Living - Max Roach / Long As You're Living - drums by Max Roach

Countdown - Dave Brubeck / Countdown - drums by Joe Morello
I guess I don't need to put Take Five in here.

Do What You Like - Blind Faith / Blind Faith - drums by Ginger Baker

Stereolab - Percolator / Emperor Tomato Ketchup - drums by Andy Ramsay

English Roundabout - XTC / English Settlement - drums by Terry Chambers
Ska in 5:

Decoupage - Stan Kenton / '76 - drums by Gary Hobbs
Hobbs is a burning player living in Portland, and is one of the leading guys in the region.

Las Cuevas de Mario - Art Pepper / Smack Up - drums by Frank Butler

Let Me Be Your Mirror - Michel Legrand and Lena Horne / Lena & Michel - drums by Grady Tate

 15 Step - Radiohead  / In Rainbows - drums by Phil Selway

Everything's Alright - Jesus Christ Superstar / OST - drums by Bruce Rowland
Corny but singable, which is good:


Unknown said...

This is a god-send, I was just thinking I needed to do some serious listening in 5! Love that Elvin track!

Todd Bishop said...

It doesn't sound so difficult when you listen in quantity like this-- sort of like an elongated waltz.

Great job on the Stone piece, by the way-- I'll be linking to that in our next installment.