Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cracking 5/4: the library

Again following my normal process of doing the easy stuff first, here is the library of practice materials I've used for finally getting my act together in 5/4. Normally you would put this at the end of the series-- like in an appendix-- but I thought people might like a chance to order one or more of these books to have on hand when we get to the real discussion.

You don't need to own all of these, by any means-- the Humphrey book along with the Rothman and the blog posts will be enough to give you a very robust introduction into this meter.

Drum set books:

Even in the Odds by Ralph Humphrey. Essential. Includes sections on swing and rock feels in 5/4, as well as extensive solo materials. The section in 5/8 is also helpful. This is one of my favorite method books on any topic-- you can read my earlier review for more on this one.

3, 5, 7, 9, Jazz!
by Joel Rothman. Jazz and generic Latin. This was my primary supplement to Even in the Odds. Jazz comping materials have an Elvin-like bent to them, using the middle of the triplet, and quarter note triplets. Good materials for developing ECM and Latin feels, and common kicks/anticipations as well.

Jazz Drummer's Workshop
by John Riley. Good, concise introduction to the meter in a swing feel. Illustrates a similar process to Humphrey's, and to what we'll be discussing in the rest of the series.

Four Way Coordination
by Marvin Dahlgren & Elliot Fine. Independence studies in a swing feel.

Continued after the break:

The Essence of Brazilian Percussion and Drum Set by Ed Uribe. Includes a brief, very useful section on Bossa Nova in 5/4. Apart from that it's one of my other favorite books in the world.

New Directions in Rhythm by Joe Morello. Swing in 5/4. Swing feel. I don't use it a whole lot, but it's a good supplement.

Jazz Drum Set Independence by Steve Fidyk also comes recommended, but I've never used it.

Snare drum/reading:

Accent on Accents, Vol. 1 & 2
by Marvin Dahlgren & Elliot Fine. Accent and sticking patterns. Suddenly volume 2 doesn't seem to be available online, but if you do a little searching I think it's very worth owning.

Odd Time Reading Text
by Louis Bellson. As I'll get to later, I haven't used much of my usual interpretive/reading/Syncopation-based method in developing my playing in 5/4, but this would be the book to go to for that.

Any number of snare drum books include etudes in 5/4; look into books by Mitchell Peters, Garwood Whaley, Anthony Cirone, Joel Rothman, Benjamin Podemski, et al.

Blog posts: 

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