Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stick Control in triplets

Here's a good library companion to my Stick Control implied rhythms piece. This was suggested to me by my friend Steve Pancerev-- I'm not sure if it's something he thought up, or if it was suggested by his old teacher, Ian Froman. The concept is simple enough-- just apply the stickings from the first section of Stick Control to a triplet rhythm-- figuring out on the fly how that lays is more challenging, though, so I've written it out. You might pencil in phrase marks to outline the four note groupings where they're not so easy to make out.

Usually you just run exercises 1-13, but what the heck, I went ahead and wrote up the whole page. The big challenge here is to play the RH part on the snare drum and the LH part on the bass drum along with jazz time on the cymbal and hihat. You could also play the RH part on the cymbal, doubled with the bass drum, and the left hand on the snare drum.

Get the pdf


Donna said...


A very belated thank you from a drummer you do not know. Each and every time I have visited your blog (or searched for something and your cruiseship-ness came up as a hit) I ALWAYS find just the exercise, insight or inspiration I'd been looking for. You are a thoughtful, positive, excellent source. Thank you, brother!
-Donna Dahl

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks Donna!!!