Friday, May 25, 2012

Groove o' the day: alternate Afro 6/8

Here is a another, simplified Afro 6/8 groove as played by one of the major session guys for Blue Note Records in the early 60's, Roger Humphries, here on the tune Mary Lou from Horace Silver's Jody Grind:

As you can see, he breaks it down West Side Story-style into a measure of 6/8 and a measure of 3/4. The 16th notes at the end are played more like a ruff embellishing the following beat 1 than actual 16ths. You can omit the hihat, as he does on the intro, or add it on the first 8th note of the first measure and the second quarter note of the second measure, as he does as the tune develops.

YouTube audio after the break:

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