Monday, May 28, 2012

Groove o' the day: Paul Motian's tango

I like this feature, and I'm going to try to do a lot more of these this year. Here's a hip modified tango played by Paul Motian on the tune When We Go, from Rambler by Bill Frisell. I wish I had paid closer attention to this track back when I was having to play a lot more of these:

If you listen to the recording, you'll notice that his variations track the melody pretty closely. Note that he sometimes leaves off the snare hit at the beginning, and does some different things with the last two beats of the groove. Many of the single snare hits are double stops-- unisons played with both hands.

This isn't available on YouTube, and they've gotten too good at instantly blocking the videos I put together for these things, so I guess you'll have to spring for the track, or better yet, buy the album-- you should own this one, anyway:

Get Bill Frisell's Rambler | get When We Go

I believe you can also get this track on Works, Frisell's ECM compilation.

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