Saturday, May 26, 2012

DBMITW: Can YouTube do this?

See, another reason I like my turntable is that I can just reach over and hit one button and it will replay side B of The New Miles Davis Quintet for the tenth time in a row. It takes two seconds. I can keep that up all day. I defy anyone to get that kind of listening in by using the mouse to pull up this window and click the maddeningly balky YouTube play button every 5'30" for the next few hours. It's not going to happen.

And don't try throwing your iTunes up in my face. Granted, you can play the record that way too, but let's suppose you somehow forget the title, but you know Philly Joe Jones is on it, so you open the beloved program, click past the ads, and search their store for records he played on. Oops, better use the "power" search to get the really good results! You're no fool. Here's what they give you-- open this up and take a gander at it:

You are not hallucinating. They did in fact just give you a grand total of fifty tracks from one of the most recorded drummers in jazz-- mainly the relatively minor stuff he recorded as leader. As far as iTunes is concerned he did flip-all apart from that. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with my earlier gloating about my turntable, but it's something about iTunes that really irks me. Sometimes you just have to complain about things.

Anyway, here's side B of The New Miles Davis Quintet for you to enjoy. Listen through it as many times as you can:

The rest of the side after the break:

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