Thursday, July 20, 2023

CYMBALISTIC: Cymbals are in!

CYMBALISTIC: I've just been informed that Cymbal & Gong has just received a big shipment of over 100 new cymbals, including 18, 20, and 22" Turks, and a lot of other good stuff. This is a great time for me to pick something out for you, if you're looking for something special beyond what I already have in stock

On Monday I'm picking some things up, including some Extra Special Janavars, which have been very hot items. Here's the one I have remaining in stock, “Beatrice”: 

I got this note back from the person who bought the other 22, “Emelia”: 

“Todd! The XS Janavar has arrived and I love it! You do have a great ear for picking excellent cymbals! This is the third cymbal I’ve bought from you and they are all wonderful instruments. Nice work. Thanks again!!!”

I'll also get one or two Hammered-bell Holy Grails— a nice variation on the regular K-type Holy Grail: 

There are also some events upcoming: 

Chehalis, WA - Sunday, July 30th
Alexander Park, 1101 Riverside Road West, Chehalis, WA 98532
Drum gear swap meet organized by members Last year about 15 drummers showed up with gear to sell and exchange, I'll be bringing new Cymbal & Gong cymbals, and a few personal used items. The meet runs from 11am-5pm, I'll arrive in the early afternoon. 

Seattle, WA - Monday, August 28th (tentative date may change!)
Seattle Drum School - Georgetown
1010 S. Bailey Street Seattle, WA. 98108

Currently talking to Steve Smith @ Seattle Drum School about rescheduling a meet we originally planned for April 2020, which was cancelled due to COVID. I'll bring cymbals, and a bunch of great Seattle drummers will be hanging out. Date/details TBA. 

Frankfurt / Heidelberg / Berlin, Germany - October '23
Plans are being formed, but I will bring one case of cymbals to Germany in October, mainly to deliver pre-ordered cymbals to each of those cities. Put your requests/orders in now to insure I will have room to bring yours! 


Michael Griener said...

Unfortunately, all the cymbals I've already bought from you are so great that I don't need any more for the foreseeable future, although the thought of buying more is very tempting.
But I'm looking forward to seeing you in Germany in October and will be happy to make my studio available for another Cymbal Tupperware Party.

Michael Griener said...

Here's a video of my two current cymbal sets that I'm mainly using at the moment.
I have more C&G cymbals, but these get the most playing time:
The video is from a quick sound check before the guys arrived and the sound is just from the rough mix, but I think you can see & hear why I love these cymbals so much.
Thanks for picking them for me, Todd!

Todd Bishop said...

Tim @ C&G had that conversation with an endorser recently-- who got a set he's been using constantly since ~2017. He offered him some more stuff, and he said no, I've got everything I need. The acquisitiveness goes away once you have your axe.

Thanks for the video, I'll put that up on Cymbalistic!

Looking forward to coming to Germany again-- we were just there a year ago, but it seems like longer.