Saturday, July 08, 2023

Baiao practice sheet

Here's a page of basic left hand rhythms based around a Baiao rhythm (say bye-yo or bye-yohn). You could just use Syncopation for this, but I like starting with rhythms connected to the ostinato somehow— after the basic rhythms 1-10, these are mostly based on the bass drum rhythm. 

As it says, use the hihat or ride cymbal— the open hihat sound emulates a triangle, which is kind of an essential element in this style, so when playing the ride cymbal you could use the bell somehow to get a similar vibe. 

On the snare drum play rim clicks, or varied accents/articulations— rim shots, dead strokes, buzzes, whatever. 

Move the LH between the SD and toms as in the example moves— whatever patterns of movement you can devine from the examples, that makes sense for the rhythm you're playing.  

Get the pdf

Here's a track you could play along with, by Seattle-based Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto, with his long time drummer (and Brazilian drumming expert) Mark Ivester, and some other Seattle friends playing:

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