Friday, October 21, 2022

Practice phrase for Chapin

A very small item here, for making your time practicing single measures of independence patterns a little more productive. Try it when practicing Chapin— that Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer— or for any other single-voice independence practice— left hand or bass drum independence along with a repeating cymbal rhythm. Art of Bop Drumming. 

Using this exercise from the book for the example: 

Play it as a two measure phrase, first measure with the independent part on snare drum, second measure with it on bass drum. Practice that some more, switching drums one note earlier. Continue until you've cycled through the whole pattern: 

Alternatively you could do this in single measures— start on the snare drum, put the last note on the bass drum; then the last two notes, three notes, and so on. Then start on the bass drum, end on the snare drum. Basically repeating every single measure in the above example. 

This accomplishes a few things: it tricks you into practicing the thing longer, which... there are only eleven patterns in that part of the book, and they're extremely standard vocabulary, you can take a little time with them. And you learn to play the rhythm melodically in an elementary way. And it gets you away from always switching things on the 1. 

It's an idea to throw into that mix, a way of doing an ordinary thing they may help you use it creatively. 

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