Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Daily best music in the world: hey, my brother's in Downbeat this month

Here's my brother, John Bishop, playing with Hal Galper and Jeff Johnson at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles. Tune is Ascendant, from one of the great records ever, The Ultimate Elvin Jones.

I've seen him play many, many times in the last 50 years, and recognize a lot of this as familiar material, but I've never been able to analyze what he does. I can figure out what a lot of people are doing, really not him. So I've got an interesting thing happening where the drummer I know best is essentially doing magic, so that's the way I think music is supposed to be made. Despite all the analytic stuff I do here— that's all a late novelty for me, most of my musical life has just amounted to going for it, attacking the performance.

Downbeat is running a feature on him I believe in the October issue, on the occasion of his label Origin Records releasing its 500th album. Consider participating in the jazz economy and subscribing

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Hal Galper said...

That begs the question, who was #500?