Friday, October 28, 2022

CYMBALISTIC: New cymbal day Monday!

CYMBALISTIC: OK, the new shipment of Cymbal & Gong cymbals has finally arrived— including the Extra Special Janavar prototypes I had them make: three 20" Janavar crash-rides with K-type hammering and lathing. As you hear below, they're lovely as a jazz ride, or as a straight crash cymbal. Tim @ C&G says “YOUR PROTOTYPES SOUND AMAZING.”

There you go— they have not been claimed yet, so SOUND OFF ASAP if you want one.  

I'll be picking up cymbals on Monday— I usually get the first shot at the new shipments— so if you want me to find something for you, let me know! My stock of cymbals is pretty depleted, but I do have some great things on hand. And I should draw your attention to some 16" Holy Grail hihats, and 15" Janavar hihats that are DISCOUNTED ~25%— very rare on my site.  

Here's me playing those prototypes in Istanbul in July, minutes after they got their final lathing: 

Here they are being lathed— they asked me how heavy I wanted them, and then went to work: 

The plan is to give them a heavy patina, like this cymbal, that was the star of the Germany tour, but we'll see after I play them again on Monday. I will be getting more of these “regular” Special Janavars with the heavy patina, as well.  

So, yeah: CYMBALS MONDAY. Let me know if you want me to pick something out for you! Hit EMAIL TODD in the sidebar, or use the mailing list form on my Cymbalistic site